AL 210
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
  I find Clive Thompson article, "The Honesty Virus", about truth on the web to be quite interesting. One of the main points that he made was that we fear our words coming back to haunt us in the digital realm because everything that we say is being recorded. To a certain extent this is probably true. Another factor that Clive didn't discuss much was that the anonymity of the web takes away a lot of the motivation to lie. People always make the argument that on the web you can lie without consequence, well the same goes for telling the truth. People often lie out of the fear of being judged. In online communication that fear can be erased by anonymity. Also, when communicating with friends on the web that one would see face to face, lying can be reduced because an individual has time to formulate their ideal response. In face to face communication things often get blurted out without much thought and often without the backing of truth.

Thompson, Clive. "The Honesty Virus" *New York Times* 3/21/04, Sec 6:24 
Monday, February 02, 2004
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